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Angel Reader Laura Lyn


Along with my normal Psychic Services, I have also teamed up with Psychic Medium Clara Jo to provide these Special Events.

Angel Connection

Two Gifted Psychics - One Incredible Experience

Angel Connection 

Thursday Is Psychic Party Night!

Laura Lyn & Clara Jo of. the Angel Connection will come to your home or gathering space to bring their messages live. It's a fun filled spiritual event for the entire group! As a group, receive Spirit/Past Love One Messages, Psychic Readings, Spiritual Games and More! The host will receive a Mystical Goodie Bag.  This will accommodate up to up to ten people; each additional person is $40. Two hours.

Available in the Akron/Canton, Ohio & surrounding areas. Additional mileage charge for drive time over one hour.


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Angel Connection Events

Hire By The Hour​

Psychic Mediums, Laura Lyn & Clara Jo are available as extra entertainment to liven up your next Corporate Party or Special Event!

The Ladies of the Angel Connection will be at separate tables in a specific area at your location to provide your guests with Mini Oracle Card Readings and Spiritual Insight. Your party goers will come over to the tables at their convenience to experience interaction with Spirit Guides, Angels and Past Loved Ones through the Mini Readings.

This is great for for corporate events, birthday parties, conventions, trade shows, as well as private parties, children’s parties and teen celebrations. Available in the Akron, Canton and Surrounding Areas. Additional charges may apply to drive times over 1 hour.

This will be able to accommodate any size party or event. The Ladies can not guarantee that all guests will be seen in the allotted time frame.. Call for availability.

2 Psychic Mediums - 2 Hours: $400

2 Psychic Mediums - 3 Hours: $500

2 Psychic Mediums - 4 Hours: $600​

Call for Availability 


Angel Connection Psychic 

In-Person Readings​

Both Laura Lyn & Clara Jo of the Angel Connection provide insight and guidance from your Angels, Spirit Guides and Past Loved Ones. Readings conducted with both Psychics present.

1 Hour by phone on Mondays only.


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Angel Connection Psychic 

Phone Readings

Both Laura Lyn & Clara Jo of the Angel Connection provide insight and guidance from your Angels, Spirit Guides and Past Loved Ones. Readings conducted with both Psychics present.

1 Hour In-Person Visit at the Akron Office on Mondays only.


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Angel Connection Psychic 

Wednesday Night Special

In-Person Readings​ -$99

Every Wednesday, the Ladies provide space for a special night out with a face-to face reading with either Laura Lyn or Clara Jo at their West Market Location! You will receive insight and guidance from your Angels, Spirit Guides and Past Loved Ones Plus a Mystical Goodie Bag! 60 Minutes with one Psychic.

1 Hour Face-to-Face Reading at the Akron Office on Wednesdays from 5pm-8pm with either Laura Lyn or Clara Jo!  60 Minutes with one Psychic. Call for more information!


Wednesday Night Special

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Wednesday Night Special

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Angel Connection

Spiritual Spa Session

with Laura Lyn & Clara Jo

Imagine a reading that is tranquil and inspirational. Laura and Clara will open with a Chakra Card Spread and share where the spirit guides and loved ones see you. From there, you will touch into a healing experience for your mind, body, and soul.

What do you expect through your Quantum Healing experience?

A combination of aromatherapy, frequency attunement through singing bowls, and sound therapy. Reiki mind, body, and soul rejuvenation.

Wednesday's & Thursday's 5pm-8pm.

$150 - 1 Hour Session

$200 - 1.5 Hour Session

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1 Hour Session

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1.5 Hour Session 


Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.

Wed., Dec. 14th 




1319 Main Street

Lakemore, OH 44250

Angel Connection Salt Cave Mystic Readings with

Clara Jo & Laura Lyn

This is a unique opportunity to tap into your energy for a spiritual reading! Have you ever sat in a salt cave? The healing experience is intense. Imagine receiving wellness from the Himalayan salt and inspiration from your spirit guides, angels, and loved ones. WOW! Here’s the catch, Clara & Laura will only be there on December 14th for these special sessions.

The reading/healing experience is slotted out for 50-minute sessions with both ladies! 

We suggest regular loose-fitting clothing. You can hydrate before and after to benefit fully. Your time will be promptly on the hour that you choose, so please come a few minutes early to give yourself time before the session. The location is a beautiful metaphysical shop.

Only 9 Spots Available, Prepaid Only. 

No Refunds or Exchanges!

$ 150.00 per person

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