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Angel Reader Laura Lyn

Laura Lyn would like to thank everyone for their love and support. If this is the first time that you heard, Laura Lyn found out she has a brain condition called Chairi Malformation..  Simply put, Laura is in need of brain surgery to help fix an issue. Her surgery is April 26th at 7:30 AM.  She will need to rest and restore. She is planning on getting back to work on July 1st There is several ways you can help Laura during the recovery phase,  

  • Well Wishes & Cards can be mailed to her office: Laura Lyn, 2003 West Market St., Akron Ohio 44313
  • Sending prayers and love is always great!  
  • Consider a Blessing Box where you will receive Products & Gift Certificates.
  • Donate any amount you wish through your heart.

Donate through Zelle or Paypal

If you would like to simply donate, you can do so through Zelle or PayPal!

For Zelle: Simply go your Zelle Account and use Laura Lyn's phone number (330- 618-7428) to send her a donation without any fees. 

For PayPal: Click the link below to send your donation! 

Thank You!